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Welcome to USOSweb of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

The site is intended for students and employees of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. Start using the system by entering your login and password.

Please note that the system password is the same for all services at AMU (email, USOSweb, access to Eduroam), and because of that you can change your password in one place only - User Panel AMU-NET. If you forget your password, please contact the appropriate dean.

We would also like to remind you that data synchronization with the main university USOS database starts every day at 1.00 a.m. - during this time, the system is unavailable! Please note that the information entered on a given day is visible in UsosWeb only after the data migration.

List of USOSweb faculty coordinators

The “CONTACT”section (left-hand menu) contains a list of persons acting as the faculty coordinators for the USOSweb system. These people help both students and employees of AMU. They can be contacted for assistance in matters such as:

  • help with system operation,
  • problems with access to USOSweb (mainly password change for students, etc.) – password changes for employee accounts are handled by the IT Center),
  • problems related to enrollment for courses/exams,
  • problems with payment

and many more. The faculty coordinators are best acquainted with the different aspects of USOSweb (such as registrations, etc.) in their faculty, so we encourage you to to report your problems directly to them. Of course, if you have technical problems that are strictly related to the proper functioning of the service, please contact the AMU IT Center at

Mobile USOS UAM app

Please note that the mobile USOS UAM application has been made available in Google Play. You are welcome to download it.

Health insurance for students

  • The health insurance at the university is voluntary, and only applies to persons who are not otherwise entitled to health insurance.
  • Health insurance entitles a person to health care benefits and gives them the right to receive such benefits free of charge in establishments which have concluded an agreement to provide health care services with the National Health Fund (NFZ). Health insurance is not accident insurance (NNW).
  • Health insurance rules are governed by the provisions of the act of 27 August 2004 on publicly-funded health care benefits (uniform text Official Journal of 2019, item 1373, as amended)
  • In accordance with the act of 27 August 2004 on publicly-funded health care benefits (Official Journal no. 164, item 1027 as amended), persons under 26 years of age are covered by health insurance as a family member of the insured person (e.g. parents, or if parents are unable to do so, then grandparents).
  • Health care insurance offered by the university may be used by a person who is not otherwise (except for family insurance) covered under different insurance entitlement e.g. employment, insurance coverage as a spouse, unemployed status, old-age pension/disability pension, etc. business or agricultural activity, alimony/child support.
  • The student's right to healthcare services expires 4 months after graduation or removal from the list of students. The date of graduation is considered to be the date of passing the diploma examination.
  • A student registered for health insurance by the University is obliged to inform about:
    -the emergence of another title to compulsory health insurance, resulting, for example, from an employment relationship
    -changing the data contained in the application
    -change of student status
  • The information should be submitted to the Student Affairs Section as soon as the above-mentioned circumstances arise.


I. A student who is not a citizen of a Member State of the European Union or of a Member State of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) may take out insurance on a voluntary basis by concluding an agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ). The agreement is concluded on the basis of a written application and a certificate confirming the student status, and passport. A student who enters into an agreement and pays contributions in a timely manner has the right to the full range of health care services in Poland in establishments which have concluded an agreement with NFZ to provide medical care. Within 7 days of signing the agreement, the student is required to register it with the Social Security Institution [ZUS] by submitting a form ZUS ZZA. The contribution due under the agreement must be paid each month into the account indicated by ZUS, not later than on the 15th day of the following month. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. The agreement is terminated by written notice or after one month of arrears in the payment of contributions, or establishment of a compulsory health insurance coverage, such the conclusion of an employment contract. A copy of the agreement and the confirmation receipt for payment of the contribution for the last month is proof of health insurance coverage.

II. A student who is not a national of a Member State of the European Union or of a Member State of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and who is considered a person of Polish origin within the meaning of the provisions on repatriation on the basis of the consul’s decision (the Polish Card [Karta Polaka]/Consul’s decision) may take out insurance on a voluntary basis by concluding an agreement with the National Health Fund. Health insurance contributions are paid by the University after the Application for health care insurance has been completed.
Persons in this situation should first go to the NFZ branch (if the place of residence is Poznań, the National Health Fund at ul. Piekary 14/15, Poznań), having first collected a certificate on student status from the Faculty’s Student Office. After signing the voluntary agreement at NFZ, a full set of documents (application to the University, NFZ agreement, a copy of the Polish Card or the Consul's decision) must be delivered to the Student Affairs office (during the pandemic, please send scans with your signature to the email address below).
C a u t i o n: The voluntary agreement with NFZ is valid one month from the date of conclusion, so please send the full set of documents to the University as soon as you receive the agreement! Delivery of the agreement past the time limit will result in restarting the procedure at NFZ!

III. A student who is a citizen of a Member State of the European Union or of a Member State of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) is entitled to free health care services provided by health care providers which have concluded agreement for the provision of health care services with the National Health Fund on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card or, if the student does not hold other health insurance entitlement in the country of residence, is registered for insurance by the University under the rules applicable to Polish students.


A student interested in being covered by health insurance by the University reports to the Student Affairs office at ul. H. Wieniawskiego 1, 61-712 Poznań, room no 25, ground floor. Student Affairs office is open from Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 14:00, tel. 61 829 4376, email:

Please print out your application, fill out and sign it, scan it (or take a clear picture of it) and email it to the email address.


  1. Application for health insurance for the student, with Attachment 1 (please print/scan double-sided as one document)
  2. Particulars of student's family members to be reported for health insurance registration - Attachment 2
  3. An application to deregister from health insurance

We wish you a great experience with USOSweb!

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