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Feminism and a challenge of intersectionality

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Kod przedmiotu: 31-KO17Z11 Kod Erasmus / ISCED: (brak danych) / (brak danych)
Nazwa przedmiotu: Feminism and a challenge of intersectionality
Jednostka: [Pracownia Pytań Granicznych]
Strona przedmiotu: http://www.graniczne.amu.edu.pl/moodle
Punkty ECTS i inne: (brak)
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Język prowadzenia: język angielski
Pełny opis: (tylko po angielsku)

The idea of the course stems from an observation that accounting for the intersecting forms of oppression linked with hierarchies of gender, race, class, sexuality, religion or culture has been a major challenge for feminist theory and politics. The objective of the course is to show that, while a principal concern of feminism is gender equality and women's empowerment or liberation, this goal cannot be achieved if problematization of gender injustices is not complemented by theoretical and practical attempts at confronting other forms of social exclusions and inequalities. However, as the history of feminism has shown, taking into account multiple forms of domination often results in unmasking the structures of privilege among women themselves and, consequently, leads to transforming or subverting established modes of feminist politics and theorising. During the course we will be interested in the intra-feminist discussions and confrontations that have caused such transformations. In this context we will examine the ideal of intersectional feminism and consider its philosophical, sociological and political implications for understanding of gender equality, emancipation, women's agency and empowerment.

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